Avigilon PTZ
Avigilon PTZ

Avigilon, Vancouver, Canada, a provider of high-definition (HD) and megapixel (MP) video surveillance solutions, is officially in the PTZ market, with the release of a high-definition pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera available in 1 or 2 MP resolutions.

The 1 and 2 MP PTZ cameras target image quality with precise positioning and predictable high-speed tracking. A custom-designed HD bubble made specifically for high-definition video enhances image quality as well.

“These new PTZ’s offer really incredible image quality and truly add to our broader strength of megapixel cameras. Avigilon is one of the only PTZ manufacturers to build a custom dome for the camera. The custom HD dome provides better image quality, Avigilon’s trademark, because it manages the light refractions between the camera and the lens, always maintaining 100 percent equal distance between the lens and the dome. Avigilon’s core strength is delivering best-in-class image quality in our products, so every new product, this PTZ included, has to live up to our expectations of delivering image clarity so end users get the full benefit of the camera they are using,” said Keith Marrett, vice president of marketing and communications at Avigilon.

The cameras are also strengthened by the H3 platform with enhanced High-Definition Stream Management™, meaning customers will benefit from lower bandwidth and storage requirements. The indoor and outdoor pendant PTZ cameras are targeted specifically at expansive areas with manned operations, such as large retail chains, airports, petrochemical, casinos, and city surveillance, among others.

Avigilon’s 1 and 2 MP PTZ cameras deliver the following features and benefits:

• 20 times optical zoom and up to 12 times digital zoom

• Broad environmental conditions supported from -45 to 50 degrees Celsius / -50 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit for challenging outdoor installations

• Simplified installation with PoE plus power • Track targets with 360 degree endless rotation up to 450 degrees per second

• Provides smooth operation and captures fluid motion with 30 frames per second

• High-quality, low-bandwidth images at higher frame rates with H.264 compression

• ONVIF compliance for integration with Avigilon Control Center and other leading VMS solutions

• Hides sensitive areas with 3D privacy mask

• Low light performance with day and night settings

• Identification of license plates from more than 900 feet / 275 meters away

• External microphone and speaker support for two-way audio

• External I/O interface for connecting alarms and relays

• A three-year limited warranty

The 1 and 2 MP HD PTZ cameras on the H3 platform will ship in July 2012. For more information on product availability please contact a local sales representative at www.avigilon.com/sales/.