Mel Mahler, recipient of the 2012 Moody Award, engaged heavily representing the alarm trade at national, state and local law enforcement events to help build a stronger relationship between the industry and law enforcement. 


Two alarm industry veterans were honored for their dedication, service and contribution to the industry and the customers it protects with SIAC’s 2012 William N. Moody Award.  Mel Mahler, chairman and chief executive officer for ADS Security in Nashville, Tenn., and Maria Malice, vice president Special Projects at COPS Monitoring in Scottsdale, Ariz., will receive the award on June 26, 2012 at the ESX Electronic Security EXPO Icebreaker Luncheon in Nashville.

The William N. Moody Award was established in 2004 to recognize those who embody Moody’s dedication to alarm management issues.

 “Mel and Maria are two people who have made a real difference in our industry,” said Stan Martin, executive director of the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC). “Both have been successful in demanding jobs while at the same time dedicating an incredible amount of time and effort to successfully tackle challenges that impact the entire industry and the millions of people it protects.”

As chairman and CEO of ADS Security, Mahler built one of the nation’s largest and most successful security companies. He was a charter board member of SIAC and presently serves as SIAC’s co-chairman and treasurer overseeing its day-to-day operations, raising money and promoting SIAC within the industry.

“SIAC’s success in building bridges to law enforcement, creating new standards for equipment and encouraging best practices in alarm monitoring and regulations would not have been possible without Mel’s dedication,” said Martin.  “We are pleased to add the Moody Award to the many awards Mel has received for his leadership.”

As president of the Arizona Alarm Association, Malice successfully battled some of the most serious issues the alarm industry has faced in recent years.  Maria worked in Avondale, Ariz. to reverse the city’s plan to charge alarm companies for false alarms.  Despite organization opposition from several local alarm dealers, she led a successful effort working with the Tucson Police to update the city’s alarm ordinance. She also helped overcome opposition and win passage of a state licensing law for alarm dealers allowing them to operate with one state-wide license.

Maria Malice, recipient of the 2012 Moody Award, successfully fought onerous city and state ordinances and laws as president of the Arizona Alarm Association.


“No one has faced more challenges in a single year than Maria Malice,” said Jon Sargent, ADT Industry/Law Enforcement liaison. “Opponents constantly tried to undermine her efforts on behalf of the Arizona Alarm Association,” said Sargent.  “Maria rallied the troops, fought back with facts and traveled to numerous meetings to help elected officials understand the issues.”