IP Camera With Multiple Hard DrivesThe MV2A series of megapixel IP cameras/DVR from VCR Inc. features dual megapixel camera support with multiple built-in hard drives. The MV2A system can be backed up onto another removable hard drive with unlimited storage capacity. Videos are recorded locally and, therefore, recorded frame rates are not affected by the fluctuating network traffic and video playback is always smooth at the same frame rate. Megapixel video needs to consume network bandwidth only when it is necessary to display video onto the client such as when motion is detected or someone triggers an alarm. When network access is not necessary, the MV2A can be connected to a standard mouse and VGA monitor to form a two-channel, standalone megapixel DVR. Consuming 8 Watts with two megapixel WDR cameras and a 500 GB hard drive, the MV2A system can be powered by a small solar panel for outdoor applications. In normal application, a small UPS system can be used to guarantee non-interrupted operation under stormy weather conditions.

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