Protection 1, Romeoville, Ill., recorded its second straight year of triple digit national account growth, in part because of the customer-centric offerings provided to national account customers. One such offering — customized billing — is unique to the industry and has generated resoundingly positive feedback from customers.

“When we completed our Voice of the Customer interviews last year, some of the most common complaints we heard from national security buyers were around invoicing,” said Protection 1 chief executive officer Timothy J. Whall.  “Large national buyers have unique invoicing needs, and the industry has been challenged to provide a good experience in this area. We committed to leveraging technology and our strong IT team, led by our CIO Don Young, to create an approach that allows clients to literally customize their bill.”  

The customized billing process allows national accounts to choose the billing templates that best fit their processes. For example, a company with thousands of locations may want a total invoice sent to their corporate team on a monthly basis, with a spreadsheet-like list of site locations, service types and costs for each included. They may also want installations invoices sent to a different office or location, with service calls billed to each individual site. Once a customer’s options are chosen, they can also print any or all invoices on demand from eSuite, Protection 1’s customer web portal.