Remember Convergint’s Values and Beliefs? “Everything we do tactically or strategically centers around these values and beliefs,” Moceri told SDM back in 2007, when the company was first named Systems Integrator of the Year. Although none is more important than another, “We expect to be our customers’ best service provider” is the cornerstone value and belief, driving the notion that service is in Convergint Technologies’ DNA.

In an annual survey of its customers to measure their level of satisfaction with the company, on a 1 to 6 scale (with 1 being very dissatisfied) Convergint’s overall rating year-to-date is 5.3, with 72 percent of respondents rating Convergint as their Best Service Provider.

In addition, Moceri explains that the company co-authors goals and specific measurements directly with the customers it serves. “These measurements, called key performance indicators, are designed to create specific and measurable goals for our Quadrant Four clients. We meet on a regular basis, during formal quarterly business reviews, to discuss results against pre-established goals and, most importantly, how we can continue to work together to improve upon our results,” he says.

“Our job is not finished simply by developing and implementing an on-time and on-budget solution; in fact, it has just begun. Convergint is there to assure that defined goals have been met by co-developing the metrics and reporting necessary to measure results. As a true business partner, we work with clients to continually improve and maximize their return on investment,” Moceri emphasizes.

Convergint grew its revenue 23 percent in 2010, 17 percent in 2011, and an estimated 15 percent in 2012, to $272 million. Petrochemical and data center were the two strong vertical markets this year, mainly due to complex integration needs, which continues to be strong, and the continued need for off-site data processing by larger strategic clients, Lernihan says.

Of total annual revenue, 27 percent is recurring revenue. Professional Services is driving recurring monthly revenue (RMR) through the accompanying service agreements and the RMR provided by the virtual security offering. “Additionally, we are evolving iCare functionality to include a predictive maintenance service offering focusing on network and equipment ‘health.’ Our goal is to advise the customer of a problem before they experience equipment failure or network problems,” Moceri notes.

In 2012, the company had 1,620 new project starts, a significant increase over 2011’s 1,360 project starts. Convergint added 135 colleagues in 2011 and 125 colleagues in 2012.

Overall, Convergint Technologies is in an excellent position to drive growth for many years to come, due to its insight on the transitioning of market needs and its development of the Quadrant Four vision. It is a privately held company currently owned by the leadership team and, more recently, a strategic financial partner, Denver-based KRG Capital, which provides Convergint with the ability to accelerate financial growth through acquisitions.