“Acquisitions are definitely part of our strategic plans going forward,” Moceri divulges. “We have had tremendous success growing organically for the past 11 years. During that time, we did make two small acquisitions… Each of these acquisitions has grown ten-fold in terms of revenues, profitability and headcount.

“We expect to continue growing 15 percent plus per year, organically. We do believe we can increase that growth rate by making key strategic acquisitions. These acquisitions will focus on adding geographic coverage as well adding complementary businesses to our service and solutions portfolio. We are having success in moving our business toward the Fourth Quadrant and believe there are acquisitions that will nicely complement this transition,” Moceri summarizes.

The company’s North American footprint with a local presence — 27 Convergint Technology Centers across the United States and Canada — allows it to serve customers ranging from large, sophisticated strategic accounts with extensive facilities across North America to key customers who have multiple facilities across a city/campus or local customers with a single facility.

Convergint Technologies is extremely bullish on the 2013 market outlook. “We believe there is pent-up demand from customers to extend the investment in their existing systems and technology to meet their ongoing business challenges. Business excellence is a driver for all of our customers,” Lernihan explains.

And with its Quadrant Four vision in place, it is a driver for Convergint, too.


Behind the Numbers: 1,070

Convergint Technologies currently employs 1,050 full-time and 20 part-time employees, or “colleagues.” It has increased its number of colleagues each year since it started 11 years ago, ending its first year with just 41 colleagues.

And they think Convergint is an excellent place to work! The company biannually surveys its colleagues to assess their views of Convergint culture, their contribution, and potential with the organization. With a 76 percent response rate, colleagues continually rate the company a 5, on a 1 to 6 scale (with 6 being the highest rating). On the most recent survey, 97.3 percent of colleagues indicated they believe Convergint is an excellent company to work for.


Behind the Numbers: $2,059,000

Convergint Technologies’annual training budget for 2011 was $2,059,000 and is on track to exceed that in 2012. The company’s annual training budget has increased 72 percent over a three-year period from $1.2 million in 2009, to $1.7 million in 2010, to over $2 million in 2011. Convergint pays for all job-related training and its tuition reimbursement program helps cover the cost of college coursework.

“As part of managing our rapid growth, we continue to dedicate resources to help our colleagues reach their full potential. During each colleague’s annual review, we review their current certifications and determine a training curriculum for the upcoming year,” explains Leslie Evans, Convergint’s vice president - Human Resources.

“In 2011 we promoted over 10 percent of our management, operations, administration and sales workforce.” These promotions helped provide the qualified supervisor and project manager personnel that were needed for Convergint’s project and service work.

When responding to Convergint Technologies’ 2012 Colleague Survey statement, I have access to and am properly trained to do my job, 92.5 percent of Convergint colleagues agreed with the statement. Additionally, 90.4 percent of Convergint’s colleagues agreed, Long-term career opportunities at Convergint are excellent.

“We have less than 2 percent turnover of ‘valued’ colleagues,” Evans says. “This high tenure rate provides a consistent face to the customer and allows us to focus our recruiting efforts on acquiring new colleagues versus replacing exiting colleagues.”