The Quadrant Four vision “provided Convergint with a clear picture of what we want to become and, more importantly, what our clients want us to become,” Varco acknowledges. “Our clients are looking to solve enterprise business challenges, and desire an integration partner who understands how to get this done. For our clients, we are not installing cameras — we are creating compliance. We are not installing fire alarm and life safety systems — we are ensuring business continuity.”

In developing this vision, it was important to understand the nature of Convergint’s client base. Its primary customer segments are healthcare, commercial office building, government, educarion, petrochemical, data centers and utilities. Additional customer markets include high-rise residential, retail, transportation, financial and hospitality. “Convergint tends to serve larger, more sophisticated clients who have challenging application and integration and service needs,” Varco emphasizes.

The 4 Quadrants

So, if Convergint Technologies envisioned itself as operating in a fourth quadrant, does that mean it had passed through the first three quadrants in its evolution as a security business? Not necessarily.

At the 2010 Securing New Ground Conference in New York, Moceri presented Convergint’s Quadrant Four vision to an audience of security and finance professionals, offering descriptions of each quad. Quadrant 1 is the space occupied by traditional security dealers that install stand-alone systems and provide service when systems need repair. Quadrant 2 is the space occupied by advanced IT systems integrators, which design networks, source technology, provide cyber security solutions, and the like. Quadrant 3 is the space occupied by advanced physical security integrators. They integrate disparate and complex systems, implement PSIM solutions, analytics, smart cards and similar technologies, and provide value-added services. This is where Convergint started out when it was founded in 2001.

Quadrant 4 is considered enterprise systems integration — the area it has evolved into. Some of the elements under Quadrant Four are credential/identity intelligence; regulatory and certification compliance; on/off boarding, time and attendance, and workflow systems; and cyber security. A company operating in this realm acts as a true partner, helping their customers create business excellence in the areas of compliance, risk mitigation, and business continuity, Moceri told conference attendees at the time.

“Reaching Quadrant Four is a result of combining the highest level of building application skills and knowledge with a high level of IT/networking applications skills,” Moceri further explains.

Next for Convergint’s leaders was turning the concept into an actual business model and planning how to advocate its advantages and utility to the market. The company has already developed — and continues to develop — specific tools and professional services competencies across Convergint Nation. (“Convergint Nation” is the name Convergint uses for itself in regards to being a single entity operating across 27 North American offices, or Convergint Technology Centers.) A Professional Services Group (PSG), consisting of more than 45 colleagues in different office locations, was established. To date, the PSG has implemented more than 150 unique solutions for Convergint’s enterprise clients over the past 24 months, Lernihan reports.