Software House, part of Tyco Security Products, is working with Lynx Systems, a solution from Micro Technology Services Inc., to provide universities, healthcare facilities and other heavily populated, dispersed organizations who want a solution to protect students, patients, visitors and employees with duress and instant alert systems.

The Lynx System will be sold exclusively through Software House, a solution that connects dozens of alarm devices such as panic buttons, police call systems, remote alarm fobs and others to a variety of audible or visual warning outputs. Simply pushing a button can activate flashing LED displays, strobe lights, group text messages, automated lockdown procedures and more.

Software House will initially offer the Lynx system as a standalone product, with the next phase to include an integration through the C∙CURE 9000 security and event management system, which will allow access control events to be broadcast to existing security radio systems, PA systems and other media.

“Duress and instant alert systems are an extremely critical part of many security operations,” said Jason Ouellette, director of product management, Software House. “Offering the Lynx system today, while we develop an even more powerful integration through C∙CURE 9000, is a direct response to the requests from the thousands of customers we already have worldwide.

“We are pleased to be able to offer the enhanced protection this system offers today, and then seamlessly update the system to integrate with C∙CURE 9000 if and when the customer needs it. It will be an easy and fast update process that will provide even greater protection,” he added.