Fike Corporation, Blue Springs, Mo., contributed more than 50,000 trees to American Forest’s Global ReLeaf program. As another element within Fike’s sustainability initiatives, in August 2012 Fike launched the ECARO-25plus program, designed to more than neutralize the carbon footprint of its premier clean agent fire suppression product, ECARO-25®. The goals of the ECARO-25plus program include counteracting at least 100 million pounds of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere annually, and adding additional resources that support the reduction of carbon emissions.

“Fike’s advanced ECARO-25 clean agent system delivers superior performance with less clean agent and has proven to be one of the most effective ways to suppress fires. However, like all current clean agent gases, it does have some global warming potential (GWP),” explained Brad Stilwell, Fike director for Fire Protection Mechanical Products. “So to help us reach our goals through the ECARO-25plus program, Fike has been investing a portion of all ECARO-25 sales in American Forest’s Global ReLeaf program, designed to help areas which are in need of reforesting due to human consumption and natural disasters.” 

As part of this initiative, Fike is a large contributor to the American Forest’s Elk Complex Fire Project which is working to restore the wildfire ravaged areas of the Klamath National Forest in California. This project provides multiple benefits to local watersheds, scenery, recreation and wildlife; and improves habitats for threatened and endangered species.

“Thus far, Fike has contributed over 50,000 trees to aid in the re-forestation of this vital ecosystem,” continued Brad Stilwell. “In addition to investing a portion of all ECARO-25 direct sales, any time an ECARO-25 system is activated and a refill is ordered through Fike, the impact of the discharge will be neutralized through the ECARO-25plus program. The end result is that the total emissions of ECARO-25 now account for a negative net carbon footprint.”