uwi_cctvAfter experiencing an increase in crime, The University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine, Trinidad, home to more than 39,000 grad and undergrad students, was in the market for a professional grade CCTV surveillance system to improve the security of its students and assets.

There was no underground infrastructure in place, so a wireless IP system was the clear choice. There was also a very clear mandate from the University to maintain the natural beauty of the campus. No trees were to be cut and minimal overhead lines were to be run.

UWI installed a professional-grade CCTV network using equipment from select, industry-leading manufacturers. Michael Pereira and Clifford Beckles, directors of Streamline Systems, Ltd., Port of Spain, Trinidad, were instrumental in the network’s design and installation, as well as end-user training.

In first phase of the CCTV installation, cameras were used to focus on entry and exit points to the main campus along with major parking areas. A Fluidmesh point-to-point networks was installed to provide wireless transmission of CCTV video feed from camera locations back to nine network hubs. Each of these network hubs handled a zone of the campus. CCTV recording was done locally within zone with automatic failover support to nearby zones. These hubs were then connected back to the main command center via a fiber optic network.

After the original installation, Streamline Systems was invited to design the second phase which would include the installation of CCTV network into the Mt. Hope Faculty of Medical Sciences Complex situated a couple of miles away from the main campus. Streamline, because of the excellent results and service they received from Fluidmesh in the past, opted to go with them again on this installation.

“With just a half day of training at the Fluidmesh facility, the installation of even this large network moved smoothly,”Pereira reported. “For this project, the FM1100 MITO series was available and we immediately were impressed with the low-visual-impact design, construction and the even more professional POE injector. We have also found that it's much faster to install a high-quality, high-throughput wireless link than it is to install and terminate the required cable to create the same link,” he added. “Due to the varying throughput requirements, we used a number of different throughput licenses from 10Mbps up to the 100Mbps.”

The wireless network is supported by Fluidmesh1100 MITOs, and Fluidmesh 2200s, extremely reliable and powerful radios.

The new link between the main campus and medical campus was completed using just one pair of FM1100M units with 100MB licenses to allow the maximum possible bandwidth when needed.

Full Bosch IP camera system running a total of 77 cameras including Bosch VG4 500 series PTZs along with high quality IP fixed, and IP fixed dome cameras. All internal legacy cameras were integrated into the modern IP system with the use of Bosch Vip-1600 encoders. Streamline Systems also turned to Bosch for their iSCSI storage solutions. Streamline Systems is fully certified in the installation and maintenance of the Bosch cameras and Fluidmesh networks.

Additional network gear used was Cisco Catalyst series, APC power backup and NEC Projectors.

“Since its installation, the system has been instrumental in a number of arrests on campus and has offered an increased feeling of safety to students and staff,” said Sgt. Gregory Corraspe, who manages the security control room on campus. “Streamline's latest installation of Bosch cameras and a Fluidmesh wireless network has dramatically widened our coverage area to include the University's medical complex. We are very, very pleased with the results.”

 Wilbur Nedd, systems engineer, Campus IT Services for the university, added “The Fluidmesh FM 1100 and FM 2200 wireless technology met UWI’s requirements to connect cameras to the CCTV network in a point-to-point wireless architecture, avoiding the need to run expensive aerial or underground cables. The antennae were easy to install, configure and provided multi-frequency secure operation. Environmental challenges were mitigated by upgrading to the FM 1100 MITO, which is designed for small visual impact and tough outdoor applications.”

For more information, www.streamlinesystemsltd.com or www.fluidmesh.com.