Fire-Lite Fires-Up Digital Communications

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Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell launched a number of multi-media programs to make information and education more accessible to a wide array of installers, integrators and facility managers. Fire-Lite Alarms alos established its own YouTube channel of short, “how-to” videos. The company also launched a number of free, online training modules that run 30 to 60 minutes in length.

The company’s presence on LinkedIn and Twitter leverages research from top-10 Internet reporting agencies, which predict customer engagement using social media will increase within five years to 57 percent — the second-most used channel, behind only face-to-face interaction. WWW.FIRELITE.COM



New Industry Blog Focused  on Video Software

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Digital camera specialist Basler has started a blog to meet the demand for more information, and informal discussion of software topics, going beyond the current corporate reporting. Mark Hebbel, head of software development at Basler, will write about Basler camera technologies, offering a personal insight behind the scenes of the company’s software development.

The blog is intended for all software development and camera technology enthusiasts, but also for those who want to learn more about Basler. The company wants to start a dialogue with its readers, and to provide a discussion platform on software development. WWW.BASLERWEB.COM/BLOG


Cost-Effective,  Eco-Friendly Contracts

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Monitronics International is now offering an electronic eContract application through its Authorized Dealer program. eContract is designed to eliminate the hard-copy paperwork that is traditionally filled out for a new customer contract and to allow salespeople to quickly complete an electronic version of each contract, in the customer’s home, on an iPad or Android tablet. eContract walks a salesperson through the required steps to fill out all paperwork. Once the customer has confirmed the information and acknowledged his or her understanding of it, the salesperson simply hits “submit.” A PDF copy is then sent instantly to the company and the customer. WWW.MONIDEALERPROGRAM.COM


New IP Cam Viewer Mobile App

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Grandstream Networks released its IP Cam Viewer app, which allows business and residential users employing GXV IP Video Surveillance Cameras to use a smartphone or tablet to remotely monitor and record live feeds.

The app supports SSL security, 2-way audio on select camera models, preset recall, relay control, custom controls, matrix view, grouping of cameras for quick recall, password protection, and more. IP Cam Viewer is available in Lite (free) and Pro ($3.99) versions. The Pro version includes audio for select devices, monitoring of unlimited cameras, no advertising, a dedicated record mode that allows users to save recorded video directly on their mobile device, and more. The Lite and Pro versions can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App store. The Pro version is available through the Blackberry App World. WWW.GRANDSTREAM.COM