NationWide Digital has been monitoring alarms for more than 30 years. “Being family owned and operated gives us a unique perspective on the business. We handle and solve dealers’ problems without the burden of a bureaucracy. We’ve always had a superior record for alarm monitoring and have always had the highest standards for hiring our operators,” stated the company in a prepared statement.

NationWide Digital said it has always tried to help dealers in other ways, too. The company explained that it has been proactive in helping dealers become more proactive in sales and marketing. “From dealer programs to funding options to PERS programs, we cover the gamut to help dealers do more business,” NationWide Digital described.

Services the company has in place to help dealers grow/expand their businesses include GSM (AlarmPath, DSC, Honeywell, Telular, DMP); Mobile MASWEB; Spanish-speaking operators on all shifts; funding programs; dealer programs; Videofied video verification; and PERS programs, including cellular PERS for standard and mobile PERS including GSM capability.

NationWide’s facility is built upon redundant systems and its facility meets and exceeds U.L. listing standards and utilizes the Mastermind Automation System. The company offers mobile account access, funding and financing programs, Internet, video, VoIP, two-way voice, PERS, elevator monitoring and more.

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