As the global association for the home technology industry, CEDIA works to provide you with tools and content that will help you to take on those residential projects. Last year we gave you a glimpse into technology trends, such as control systems, 4K, wireless audio, network security, and much more.

At this time, we would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to a new resource that can help you learn more about all of those residential topics, our new and improved website. The new cedia.net delivers robust content and tools aimed to help home technology professionals in every aspect of their business.

Let’s take a look at some highlights that will help you get 2014 off to a running start.

The new cedia.net has made it easier for visitors to find, research, and register for face-to-face events and training. A new comprehensive online course catalog allows individuals to see all of the available in-person training CEDIA offers.

For those wanting a more interactive training experience online, our virtual training offerings have been streamlined and improved. These online trainings include popular staples such as CEDIA webinars and eCourses, but will also feature more than 35 lessons that offer short, digestible insights from CEDIA’s top instructors on hot topics such as HDMI, security systems, and automation. Online training will continue to grow with new webinars every month.

The available resources also have been substantially expanded. The new cedia.net has more than 20 technical white papers, eight research reports, and more than 50 CEDIA training course guides available. Also included in the CEDIA Resource area are more than 100 tools and templates to help companies with business and technical efficiencies. Say goodbye to stale standards; the majority of these tools are brand new and developed by industry experts in response to the changing economy and industry. Nearly all of this rich content is available to CEDIA members at no cost, providing an invaluable tool to help them keep running their operations efficiently.

For the first time, both member and non-member visitors will have their own personalized dashboard with quick links to high-priority areas including a “My CEDIA” area that will be a complete digital archive of that individual’s CEDIA activities and training.

The personal CEDIA archive includes sections such as “My Training,” “My Benefits,” and “My Events,” along with other personalized data to help users have the ultimate CEDIA experience. What were formerly separate systems for company records, transcripts, and training now have been merged into one clean, user-friendly system. A new company administrator function allows for easy management of employee records and transcripts. A feature, specific to the company administrator, allows each company administrator to add employees to the system and easily check the status of their certifications.

This just scratches the surface of what is behind the new cedia.net. Get to clicking and discover all of the resources that await you. 


First-time Log-in Details


  1. Select login/sign up in the top right corner of the home page.
  2. Enter your CEDIA username.  (If you don’t have one, create a new account).
  3. Enter the password: Cedia123

All CEDIA passwords have been reset to the above default password for security reasons. The first time you log in to cedia.net you will be prompted to change your password.

 Contributed by the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association.  To learn more about CEDIA membership visit www.cedia.org/join