Martin Canuel (left) of Automatic Systems stands with Mayer Gniwisch, Dr. Li Zeevi Farkash and Bob Wood of FST Biometrics, and Bruno Desrochers of Altel at the FST Biometrics booth, which reflects the company’s rebranding.

Biometric access control solution provider FST21 has rebranded itself as FST Biometrics, unveiling the new name yesterday at ISC West. As part of the rebranding, the company will further concentrate its efforts on in-motion identification (IMID) technology with its IMID Access, IMID Digital Doorman, IMID Solo and other solutions.

FST Biometrics’ SafeRise was named Best New Product winner in the 2011 SIA NPS. The company’s products use a fusion of biometric and analytic technologies that include facial recognition, behavior analysis, and voice recognition to provide a seamless security experience for buildings, corporations, and secured facilities. The technology has the potential to make card keys and building sign-ins obsolete, while offering unparalleled security, as well as a seamless access experience across the board.

“As our team continues to establish our global presence, I believe this rebrand highlights our commitment to exceptional security and seamlessly convenient access in populated cities around the world. As the global population continues to grow, a need has surfaced for secure access to places, facilities and information without sacrificing one’s way of life in lieu of restrictive security measures,” stated Major-General Aharon Zeevi Farkash, the company’s founder and CEO.\

“We are all looking forward to FST Biometrics’ expanding business and technology advancements over the next year in the global market.”

Over the past year, the Israel-based company has formed a global presence by recently opening an office In 7 World Trade Center, solidifying its U.S. presence, while implementing its technology within various locations in the New York area and across the country. Locations include Knickerbocker Village, The Taino Towers, BYLA school in LA, and more. The technology is also being tested at hubs like Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport, the Israeli Diamond Exchange Enterprises and other locations around the world.