guest_ekeyKwikset, Lake Forest, Calif., introduced its latest Kevo upgrade, giving users the ability to send free and unlimited guest electronic keys (eKeys) to recipients, and use a scheduled eKey to set day and time constraints for regular house guests like babysitters, dog-walkers and contractors. Kevo owners can update their Kevo mobile app and lock firmware to enable these new types of eKeys.

“We're always looking for ways to improve the Kevo experience, and we hope this upgrade shows our customers that we're listening,” said Keith Brandon, director, residential access solutions. “Since Kevo's been on the market, our customers have asked for free eKeys that let them give access anytime to friends or neighbors without paying for a new key. Now our unlimited Guest eKeys let them do that. We're also introducing Scheduled eKeys to give homeowners the convenience of setting date and time constraints.”

With new free and unlimited Guest eKeys, users can give recipients unrestricted access for a 24-hour period. Owners also have the option to delete Guest eKeys manually before the 24-hour access expires. From giving a neighbor day-long access to keep an eye on your kids, or letting in a weekend guest who beats you home from a busy day at work, the Guest eKey provides convenience and flexibility, according to Kwikset.

“The Kevo technology platform was built with the future in mind by having the ability to add new features and enhancements to the firmware in the lock, in addition to the mobile app. This capability allows the lock to get smarter over time,” said Phil Dumas, UniKey founder and president.

Additional Kevo App Features

*    History log that monitors lock activity and tracks eKey users

*    Optional push notifications when an eKey locks or unlocks the door

*    Ability to share eKeys in just a few clicks

*    Ability to temporarily disable or completely delete unwanted users from Kevo

*    Touch-to-open convenience with authorized Kevo deadbolts

*    Kevo web portal that offers the same management features via a Web browser

Kevo comes with two eKeys that can be reassigned as Scheduled or Anytime eKeys as well as free, unlimited Guest eKeys. To grant long-term access to additional guests, Kevo owners can purchase additional Anytime or Scheduled eKeys in the app for $1.99.