Arecont Vision introduced the new Arecont Vision University, consisting of free, online training courses that cover topics ranging from optics and sensor technology to understanding pixel density. Students will learn what megapixel technology is, how it works, and how to use it to reduce costs and increase profitability. According to the company, the coursework will take professional qualifications “to the next level.”

The Arecont Vision Certification serves as an official stamp of approval of expertise in surveillance from industry leaders in megapixel technology. Courses offered in Arecont Vision University change based on technology trends and advanced solutions in the market, as developed by Arecont Vision. This allows students to maintain an extensive knowledge base in high-tech surveillance technology.

Certified Channel Partners are entitled to receive leads and preferential customer service; and are allowed to purchase demo cameras at a substantial discount.

Once enrolled in a course, students will find a record of the coursework they have previously completed, official transcripts, as well as current certification status. Partners are required to renew their certification annually to ensure they stay informed about the latest technology, solutions, and best practices. After students have successfully completed their certification courses, they will be able to directly print their Arecont Vision Certificate.

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