The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC), Frisco, Tex., announced that it will be working with Stateside Associates, Arlington, Va., on a program that will monitor local governments nationwide for ordinances or policy discussions that could impact the electronic security industry.  SIAC director Ron Walters will work with Stateside Associates to report potential issues to ESA State Chapters for items of interest identified in their respective states.

“This new program will enhance our ability to identify potential problem areas or opportunities to work in collaboration with jurisdictions to develop effective policies that allow us to serve the people and businesses who depend on us for their safety and security,” said Stan Martin SIAC executive director.

“There are thousands of bills and ordinances introduced at the local and state level every year,” added Walters. “This new service helps us identify legislation through key word searches and with a staff of professionals who review the search information for relevance. We repeat the process before sending the information to ESA chapters or utilizing it in our own government relations efforts.”

Constance Campanella, president and CEO of Stateside commented that they are very happy to support the SIAC mission. “Our Local Government Monitoring service covers over 4,200 localities across the 50 states on a daily basis.  By combining search technology with client-centric analysis by our Local Government staff, SIAC now has the most extensive Local Government alert system available to protect consumers from adverse public policy.” Martin added, “Accurate information from our industry is the key to helping lawmakers make good decisions.” He continued, “Providing that information in a timely manner when it is a matter of interest is a benefit for our industry and those we serve.”