SentryNet has partnered with I-View Now. I-View Now was designed to remove the guessing games about what triggered an alarm, allowing for quick and direct police dispatch.

All video plays for the operator in I-View Now’s universal player, and all operator actions are stored in the event history of the central station software. I-View Now is an integration of video and central station software. When an alarm is triggered, the operator can view a clip of what caused the alarm as well as a live view of the facility. Simultaneously, a text message or email can be sent to end users so they can view it on their mobile device or computer. They can also select a button to call the central station.

Alain Jamet, SentryNet’s vice president of operations said, “This new service allows our dealers the flexibility of installing a product that’s already familiar to them, while allowing for additional RMR opportunity and the benefit of verified dispatch.”  

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