Digital Watchdog released DW Spectrum IP Video Management software version 2.3. This significant update restructures the software’s architecture, replacing the server system and simplifying the user’s experience with easy management of multiple servers and sites. In addition to the software’s existing features and user interface, the update adds new features that make the user experience with the software easier and more robust, while adding layers of data protection and redundancy.

DW Spectrum is designed to address the primary obstacles and limitations of managing enterprise-level systems while offering a low total cost of deployment and ownership. The software offers features such as thumbnail search, adjustable time line and smart motion search to quickly find the exact time users need to watch in an instant. The software is cross-platform, offering Windows, iOS, MAC, Android and Linux solutions. Combined with quick installation and instant network mapping and discovery, users can start viewing their entire security systems in a matter of minutes.

The new software version 2.3 includes features of automatic failover, one-click system-wide upgrades and no single point of failure (server clustering). In case of server failure, cameras will be immediately transferred to other available servers. With no single point of failure, all servers in a system continuously synchronize their configuration settings, creating a system capable of adapting to server failures in real time and ensuring no single point of failure, the company described. 

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