The Digital Watchdog MEGApix PANO 8MP and 48/32MP 180-deg. view cameras are multi-sensor IP cameras designed to deliver full frame HD video streams at up to 30fps (at 32MP; 15fps at 48MP). With auto-focus lenses standard and CaaS capability, these cameras are designed for wide area surveillance with high resolution.

“We are thrilled to bring fast frame rates to multi-sensor high resolution cameras,” said Ian Johnston, founder and CEO of Innovative Security Designs and CTO of Digital Watchdog. “We are able to provide the high frame rates possible from each individual sensor as four streams through a single drop on the network. In addition, these cameras utilize our edge technology. They can run as their own servers and provide failover redundancy by recording on the camera.”

“Earlier this year, Digital Watchdog started shipping an industry-first multi-sensor panoramic camera with IR and 180 degree views at 30fps,” said Wade Thomas, president of Digital Watchdog.

 MEGApix PANO 8MP and 48MP cameras are beta testing for availability later in 2015. For information, visit