Canon U.S.A. Inc. introduced nine new network video security cameras with advanced capabilities designed to efficiently serve the surveillance needs of industrial sites and utility infrastructures, financial institutions, airports and transportation hubs, schools, stores, offices and gaming establishments. These cameras include three models making up Canon’s new Speed Dome product category, which include two outdoor cameras featuring weather- and vandal-resistant protective housings, 360-deg. endless panning with a fast and accurate pan/tilt mechanism, and a 30x optical zoom lens. Additional models include an indoor Speed Dome camera, indoor and outdoor compact vandal-resistant Dome cameras, and outdoor fixed Box cameras. All nine cameras integrate advanced core components designed to deliver superb high-resolution picture detail, exceptional low-light performance, and vital color information. Those components include new 1.3 MP CMOS image sensors, Genuine Canon zoom lenses, and dual proprietary Canon DIGIC image processors: the DIGIC DV III to maximize image quality while minimizing power consumption; the DIGIC NET II for simultaneous streaming of two H.264 and three M-JPEG video streams in multiple sizes, resolutions, and aspect ratios for versatile monitoring and recording (including monitoring on smart phones and tablets).

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