ZKAccess, a provider of biometric and RFID security solutions, announced its upgraded V3.5 software designed to manage all of ZKTeco’s standalone readers. The V3.5 interface is designed to make it easy to learn, install, operate and maintain the system. It seamlessly syncs both user and device information between the computer, panels and readers.

Some of the access control features in V3.5 include a user-friendly GUI with menu-driven dashboard display, quick-start links for common operations and an automated tool which greatly simplifies fingerprint template-registration and template-management.

Other V3.5 access control tools allow admins to configure door unlock duration, user-defined Weigand output string, request to exit mode, and anti-passback mode and mantraps. The software also allows admins to configure two readers per door (for in-and-out reader configuration), as well as create duress fingerprints for users.

The V3.5 software allows real-time monitoring, which features a door status icon, photo pop-ups of users and visual verification, as well as remote opening/closing of one or all doors. It also can import maps and floor plans for site-specific door management, and it features a multiple export format for event logs and a one-click database backup. All system changes are logged for added security and protection.

“ZKAccess is very pleased to bring this V3.5, complete access control management software to market,” says Larry Reed, CEO, ZKAccess. “It effectively manages all of ZKTeco’s standalone readers and access control panels, and synchronizes seamlessly all user and device data between the computer and the readers for increased ease of use, security and reliability.”

 Visit www.zkaccess.com for information.