Altronix’s Trove Access and Power Integration Solution is designed to easily integrate Altronix power with access controllers and accessories from the industry’s leading manufacturers. A variety of backplanes offer a wide range of scalable access/power configurations. Trove simplifies board layout and wire management, greatly reducing installation and labor costs.

“Working with access controllers, accessory boards and power supplies from multiple manufacturers makes design and installation processes challenging,” said Alan Forman, president, Altronix Corporation. “Trove not only provides the versatility and scalability installers need to easily configure their access and power products, it  significantly reduces installation time and related labor costs by allowing all wiring to be done off-site on removable backplanes.”

Trove backplanes are available to accommodate various combinations of Mercury or Vertx boards with or without Altronix power supplies and accessories. Trove2M2 houses Altronix power and accessories with Mercury boards, while Trove2V2 accommodates Altronix power and accessories with Vertx boards.  

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