OnSSI’s Ocularis 5 video management software (VMS) now fully integrates with RS2 Technologies’ Access It! Universal.NET v5 access control software. The integration allows the two open source systems to communicate on the same network, giving users a more powerful and comprehensive security solution. 

“OnSSI’s open architecture platform continues to drive advanced integrated security solutions with feature-rich functionality and centralized control,” said Ken LaMarca, vice president of sales and marketing, OnSSI. “The Ocularis 5 and Universal.NET v5 integration eases system administration and lets security personnel focus on overall risk management.” 

The integration allows video playback on demand or tied to alarm/event time and data; the ability to display cameras from graphical display maps; full PTZ camera control; live camera view on demand; IP camera support; a simple GUI interface for faster incident investigations and a search video and export evidence function. Visit www.onssi.com for more information.