With security technology moving along at a fast pace, more and more devices moving to IP, and security systems becoming increasingly converged and complex, the partnership between dealers, integrators and end users has never been more vital.

Every year, the editors of Security magazine – SDM’s sister publication, focusing on security solutions for enabling and assuring the business – interview hundreds of end users, many of whom echo the same sentiment: Without a strong partnership with our integrators and security partners, we would not be able to achieve our objectives. Those objectives vary widely, from providing marketing teams with insight into shoppers’ habits through video analytics in retail to integrating access controls, identity management, video surveillance and guard tour tracking tools from across an international enterprise into a single global security operations center or GSOC.

In this supplement, the editors of SDMand Security have forged a new partnership to provide our Canadian readers a wider view into this exciting time in the security industry, with articles about innovative installations and enterprise security leaders in Canada, recent trends in technology, progressive partnerships and security solutions that matter to you.

In this issue of Professional Security, you will read about how Canadian security professionals are addressing issues of ruggedization for security installations in hazardous conditions, verified video alarm challenges, and operational security in the Québec City Jean-Lesage International Airport.

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Bonne journée!

Diane Ritchey
Editor-in-Chief, Security magazine