CEDIA partnered with SecurityCEU.com to launch an enhanced training program for its entire membership.

Through the partnership, CEDIA, the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, will increase its current training curriculum by more than 55 hours of online content.

The SecurityCEU.com courses serve as foundational training for professionals entering the converging worlds of security and home automation. CEDIA members benefit greatly from exposure to the topics offered, CEDIA reported in a press release. Additional benefits include the ability for CEDIA members to gain and maintain industry licenses and certifications. All SecurityCEU.com courses are approved for CEUs at the national and state levels. SecurityCEU.com also offers a full compliance management system that provides automation of the licensing process as well as full metrics and measurement.

CEDIA members gain the benefit of access to this online library of courses for a 20 percent discount from the price offered at SecurityCEU.com. Corporate rates are also available allowing organizations with five or more students to gain additional discounting.

Matt Oelker, director of online learning for CEDIA, said, “CEDIA understands the importance of the converging markets and the need for high-quality, comprehensive training. When our members are required to show proof of their skills, they use this training to provide evidence that they have completed the necessary courses as a validation of baseline security skills relating to our industry.”

Courses can be purchased a la carte, but the most popular option is to purchase the library subscription, which provides members access to all courses in the CEDIA catalog for one low price. This license is for 12 months of access.

Visit www.cedia.net for more information.