IDIS and homeland security solutions provider Edge360 announced the successful proof of concept of the companies’ mobile Public Safety Video System during the City of Houston’s 2016 Freedom Over Texas Festival. The successful deployment of the system by the City of Houston over the 4th of July weekend highlighted the nation’s fourth largest city’s place as a homeland security innovator, with a demonstrated commitment to public safety and the security of both residents and visitors.

In partnership with the City of Houston, Edge360 deployed its mobile Public Safety Video System, featuring surveillance technology from IDIS. The system is purpose-built to assist public safety personnel in the coverage of urban events and incidents, especially those of a traditionally chaotic and changing nature.

“The mobile Public Safety Video System provided by Edge360 and enhanced with IDIS surveillance technology really delivered for the people of Houston this weekend,” noted Jack C. Hanagriff of the Houston Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security. “Houston is one of the country’s most dynamic urban environments and our commitment to the safety and security of our people at all times is second to none. This solution successfully delivered a powerful ‘plug-and-play’ video network capable of cellular or wireless backhaul and one that did not interfere with existing video networks or other wireless devices in use.

“Importantly, this solution did not tax more than typical city resources commonly found in most urban communities, and the remote camera control via Web browsers greatly enhanced situational awareness for our decision makers.”

Keith Drummond, senior director at IDIS America, added, “Sometimes surveillance is about more than the numbers. There is nothing more important than the safety of our friends and neighbors in an increasingly chaotic world. IDIS is proud to partner with Edge360, allowing them to leverage our most powerful surveillance technologies to keep the people of Houston safe and secure as they gather together to celebrate as a community. We look forward to future projects and to doing our part to make the world a better place.”