Vicon Industries Inc., a designer and producer of video security systems and high-performance IP cameras, announced the launch of a reveal campaign for its new next-generation video management software, Vicon Valerus. During August, slides will be added to the homepage banner revealing the main features and benefits of the new software. The product launch reveal will be based around a countdown to a Live Webinar on September 8, 2016, which will debut the entire system.
In the continuous effort to drive and deliver innovation and reliability in the marketplace, Vicon developed the Valerus software from the ground up for the modern security and surveillance world. The launch will center on the major pillars of the software, ease-of-installation, easy-to-use Web-based interface and a standards-based true open platform philosophy. Valerus offers advanced simplicity for sophisticated live monitoring, centralized management and high-performance video recording. Beyond video, Valerus is designed to be a proactive business tool with health monitoring features ready to evolve into Cloud environments.
Bret McGowan, Vicon’s senior vice president of sales & marketing said, “We are all very excited about Vicon’s Valerus, a totally new video management software that underscores our commitment to offer true standards-based products. This revolutionary software brings a whole new level of ease of installation and user experience. We are looking forward to sharing Valerus with our partners and customers.”