CEDIA announced a new partnership with Slateplan that will provide CEDIA members with access to their customer-facing sales software at a reduced price of $49 a month. Slateplan’s software, normally offered at $249 a month, is a sales tool that helps home technology professionals and their customers collaborate and develop project scope and budget in real time. 
“When consumers are thinking about purchasing a new car, they can research, build and price the car online. They can see pictures, learn about and choose various upgrade options, and see their budget change in real time” said Vin Bruno CEDIA CEO. “Sales professionals in our industry should be able to offer their customers a similar design and budgeting experience. Slateplan accomplishes this, and in the process helps establish the salesperson as the trusted technology expert.” 
Scott Marchand, Slateplan co-founder, said, “Partnering with CEDIA is a wonderful opportunity to ensure that all home technology sales professionals have affordable access to Slateplan software.”