Clare and NorthStar have announced a partnership bringing NorthStar’s affiliate program to all Clare security dealers. The program will offer dealers lucrative security funding options for Clare’s smart home and security platform, including Clare’s secure hub and all Clare encrypted intrusion sensors.

NorthStar’s Affiliate Program offers Clare dealers a streamlined environment to fund their monitored security accounts on an ongoing basis. Founded on the principles of transparency and true partnership, Northstar offers innovative business tools, aggressive economics, and a residual equity program that aligns the long-term interests of both parties.

“Our industry is evolving rapidly, and we believe the NorthStar and Clare partnership will allow both organizations to enter new markets efficiently,” said Nick Perry, vice president of business development at NorthStar. “Until now custom technology integrators have been underserved by security manufactures and traditional funding programs. We believe there is a tremendous opportunity to enter this space as a package deal and offer a comprehensive program for integrators interested in additional revenue opportunities.”

Clare’s offering is a blend of a cost-effective, scalable, and full-featured home automation and advanced wireless security solution integrated into a single platform. It was designed from the ground up to offer dealers options for generating additional RMR through subscription-based revenue streams.

“Clare is … uniquely positioned to help dealers easily transition to the security space and begin growing their recurring revenue streams.” said Brett Price, CEO and founder of Clare. “The Clare and NorthStar partnership will help dealers around the country navigate the complexities of bringing on smart home technology and security monitoring through a simple funding program that is tailored to all dealers.”

Clare products are available exclusively through SnapAV to over 12,000 dealers nationwide. SnapAV is a manufacturer and distributor of technology solutions.

“When integrators enter the security market, they oftentimes face new processes and business decisions that can be challenging,” said Clint Choate, SnapAV’s market director for security. “This program will help dealers improve cash flow and increase revenue from their installs, access new and exciting products, and tap into the homebuilder community.”

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