3M introduced 3M Plate Alert Analytical ALPR Software, a next-generation software that uses data fusion analytics and proactive alerts to provide more answers and the confidence to act. Designed to be fast, powerful and intuitive, 3M Plate Alert Software allows officers to take action, faster. Plate Alert Software features the latest user-centered design methods to optimize interfaces and usability. This makes it easier to set up, search, get alerts and find leads. 3M also partnered with law enforcement agencies to offer the most in-demand features. The result is software that is powerful and easy to use, so officers spend less time clicking and more time following up on leads, 3M described. Plate Alert Software can compile ALPR data with data from various sources, such as 911 calls, pawn data, police reports, motor vehicle data and more. It can then almost instantly find connections between data points to deliver meaningful leads. 

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