Bosch Security Systems launched the B6512 intrusion control panel for its B series family of integrated security solutions. Besides the intrusion alarm function, the system is UL listed for residential fire and offers four doors of access control as well as Bosch IP camera and other integration possibilities. With the ability to monitor 96 points of protection and six areas, the new panel offers the largest capacity in the B Series. B series control panels offer Bosch IP camera and smart home device integration as well as remote command and control with free apps. Users can also benefit from an integration with the Bosch video management system for seamless control of security and video devices. B series intrusion control panels from Bosch feature on-board Ethernet and USB connections to speed installation and decrease costs. Built to be future-proof, B series supports both IPv4 and IPv6 and offers a communication plug-in interface for easy adoption of new cellular and other communication technologies. The launch of the B6512 also marks the availability of Bosch’s new Remote Connect cloud service. This service makes setting up RPS and app connections to the panel easy by removing the need for a customer to configure their network for inbound communications.  

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