System Surveyor announced a new contract with the State of Texas DIR titled DIR-TSO-3484 under the name EDT Expert Design Tools LLC. It is also part of the Cooperative Contracts Program for organizations outside Texas that want to procure through the program.

The tool allows users to securely collaborate with co-workers, contractors and vendors, enabling efficient design, life cycle maintenance and an easily accessible system-of-record for facilities.

Campus locations with multiple buildings and locations can use the tool for asset management to provide better security oversight and to reduce the total cost of ownership.

System Surveyor highlights include:

  • Import floor plans or capture them from a camera;

  • Easy and intuitive drag-and-drop system elements and components including video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control, IT and fire alarms;

  • Take photos and automatically associate to an element, annotate and label for designs;

  • Area of coverage control indicates direction and angle of coverage for fixed cameras, motion detectors and other devices;

  • Securely collaborate among team members and across departments;

  • Intelligent scripted site surveys and ability to duplicate elements;

  • Powerful reporting tools;

  • All-in-one mobile tool and cloud workspace operates on any networked Web browser or iPad-based app.

“We’re excited to be selected as the first mobile system design and management tool on the State of Texas DIR contract. We have seen tremendous demand from government, school districts, university campuses and related organizations across the nation with complex physical and electronic security needs. With hundreds and even thousands of assets such as surveillance cameras protecting their campus, they want an easier, better way to create a “living as built” record of their system components that can be easily accessed and updated on site,” said Lisa Hugman, president, System Surveyor.