PCSC released two technology solutions developed specifically for the needs of the access control and physical security industry. Beginning as a standalone Web-enabled system, the iQAS can be upgraded into an integrated distributed intelligence system. The simplicity of the iQAS is achieved through a Web-enabled user interface, removing the fuss of loading software or the requirements of a dedicated PC, the company described. Monitoring and administration takes advantage of the mobility of a tablet or smartphone. The iQAS provides the ability to increase security functionality without the need to replace hardware; simply upgrade the firmware to the next level, iQ Plus series. As the next evolution, the iQ Plus series builds upon its predecessor IQ platform of controllers. It also incorporates many of the high level security applications from PCSC’s patented Fault Tolerant series of controllers. It’s based on 100 percent distributed intelligence architecture, with modular upgrades for readers, inputs, and outputs. With the controller’s adaptive DNA, its features and functionality can be upgraded into a Fault Tolerant door module, known as a Quad Door Module (QDM), providing an upgrade to the Fault Tolerant architecture.