Point Blank Enterprises announced that it has been awarded a five-year contract by the North Miami City Council to provide the North Miami Police Department with IRIS Cam body-worn cameras, together with a collaborative case management system from Genetec Inc.

PBE and Genetec will offer the city of North Miami Police Department an integrated system that combines 120 IRIS Cam body-worn cameras and Genetec Clearance, a case management system designed to accelerate investigations by enabling different organizations to collect, manage and share video evidence.     

The IRIS Cam is designed to meet the growing demand for law enforcement agencies to provide a visual and audio record of officers’ interactions with the public and help agencies improve evidence collection and enhance officer accountability. Built in a ruggedized enclosure, the IRIS cam provides ultra-high definition recording with a 140-deg. field of view. The IRIS Cam ensures not a moment is missed with 30 seconds of pre-recording.

The Genetec Clearance case management system is designed to speed up investigations by enabling different organizations to collect, manage and share video evidence, and other relevant case information. It allows police officers, investigators and security managers to gather digital evidence from the IRIS Cam and other sources — such as cellphone footage from bystanders and witnesses and store surveillance video — and easily store, manage, review and share it from a single application.

“The IRIS Cam system and Genetec Clearance will help the city of North Miami Police Department achieve a streamlined and highly effective process of capturing, managing and administrating video evidence, which will ultimately save the city time and resources in managing cases over the long term,” stated Paulo Motoki, chief operating officer, Point Blank Enterprises. “With over 40 years of trusted service to law enforcement agencies around the world, we are proud to provide a unique hardware/software turnkey solution that will help strengthen accountability and transparency.  This will result in more constructive encounters between the police and members of the community,” Motoki added.

Visit www.genetec.com for more information.