Keri Systems Inc. is now offering add-on and replacement credentials in three convenient card and tag formats.

Keri Systems’ three proximity credentials — the Standard Light Proximity Card, the Multi Technology Card and the Proximity Key Ring Tag — can be used interchangeably and are available in off-the-shelf, 26-bit programming. Each of these options are functionally equivalent to most HID, ProxCard II, 26-bit credentials. 

Custom 26-bit card formatting, when required, should be available from Keri Systems by June 1, 2017, providing the ability to create specific ID numbers and facility codes for existing applications. The normal lead time for custom programmed cards will be three days for shipping.

Keri’s 1326AKHD Standard Light Proximity Card provides maximum read range performance in thin packaging. Extremely durable and convenient, they can be easily carried in a wallet or purse or worn on the clothing with a clip or necklace.

Keri’s 1386AKHD-I Multi Technology Cards combine several identification technologies in a single credit card-thin credential. Users can also directly print photographs, bar codes, and other user graphics to create a custom access credential.

Keri’s 1346AKHD Proximity Key Ring Tag is small, ergonomic, and extremely durable. Especially useful to users who have their car keys convenient, the tags securely attach to a key ring and will not break throughout life of the system.

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