3xLOGIC announced its All-in-One Multi-Sensor Camera, along with a significant upgrade to its VIGIL Software Suite, which includes VIGIL Server and Client, VIGIL Central Management (VCM), VIGIL POS and the View Lite II Mobile App. The VISIX V-Series 2MP indoor Multi-Sensor camera goes far beyond being an IP video camera. It boasts the ability to host VIGIL Server, allowing the camera to record video to the onboard SD card, with full search capabilities in VIGIL Client and in the View Lite II and infinias mobile apps. The Multi-Sensor camera was designed for quick, easy deployment, and acts as a stand-alone or integrated security surveillance solution. The 3xLOGIC Multi-Sensor camera provides combined PIR and pixel-based motion detection. The upgraded VIGIL 9.5 Software Suite provides a powerful, enterprise-grade video management system with ease of set-up and use.

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