ReviMedia has been active in the home security industry under the brand since its acquisition of in 2013. has been providing leads and calls to big players and national home security companies successfully since its inception and the company has decided to expand its reach by offering a tailor-made solution to the local and regional home security dealers.

Today, home security providers are relying on technology, not just to do their jobs, but also to acquire new customers. Performance marketing is a fast-growing source of leads and customers for home security providers. Lead generation specialist ReviMedia has therefore launched a new portal, HomeSafety Pro, completely devoted to local home security providers, specifically tailored to their needs.

“We have been focused on bringing innovative solutions to the home services industry and the HomeSafety Pro portal is the result. Over the years, we’ve received many requests from local dealers for leads and I am proud that we can finally help them to grow their businesses,” stated CEO Frans van Hulle.

HomeSafety Pro was developed to help dealers improve their customer acquisition process and bring them in contact with potential clients looking for quotes. One of the lessons to be learned from the HomeSafety Pro portal is the enormous added value of personalized, customizable solutions when it comes to performance marketing in the local home security market. The portal enables clients to filter leads, right down to specific zip codes, counties, or home-ownership status, so they only receive and pay for the leads most relevant to their business. ReviMedia is known for its sophisticated in-house lead-verification algorithms which weed out uninteresting or fraudulent contacts. Their pricing model, including a cancel-anytime subscription and a fixed rate of $15, is also designed to appeal to smaller businesses, which are more likely to operate on limited marketing budgets.

“We have worked on this for the last year and have fine-tuned the service during a 3-month beta period with several beta clients. The initial results are exciting; a dealer in Florida has already closed 19 clients,” said Manon Hartman, HomeSafety Pro Representative.

"I closed two now and I have a couple more in the works as far as customers. Not going to lie, I wasn't expecting this success,” said Kyle Whitlock, Total Home Security.

HomeSafety Pro is a member of both SIA and ESA.

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