Synology announced the beta availability of Surveillance Station 8.1, welcoming users around the world to join the beta testing program. Feedback from users will be adopted in the official release of Surveillance Station 8.1. Remote recording archiving is specifically designed for companies that have multiple locations, where a certain amount of storage space is allocated to each location. With POS integration, stores can now monitor transactions with corresponding videos, and quickly resolve transaction disputes by searching video records through an intuitive interface. Intercom camera integration includes intercom cameras that provide video surveillance, doorbell, door lock operation, two-way audio, and more. For home security, Surveillance Station 8.1 Beta enables users to set up different security setting profiles for when they’re at home or away and automatically switch between these profiles manually, via a schedule, or according to their location with the Geofence feature. With HTML5 supported, users are no longer limited to using Surveillance Station Client or installing plug-ins on Internet Explorer and Safari.

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