Software company Police Priority announced integration between SureView System’s Immix central station software and Police Priority’s CAST technology. The integration will provide all central monitoring stations on the Immix system the capability to seamlessly access Police Priority’s CAST technology.  

Scott Harrington, manager of strategic account for SureView Systems and former law enforcement officer and a veteran of the security industry, said, “During my several years in law enforcement if we would have had such a resource, our safety, effectiveness and impact of the community would have been tremendously better. This integration helps bridge the gap between law enforcement and central stations. We are building a standard that both law enforcement and central stations can rely on to be correct and informative with real-time data. This technology is a must in every central station.”

Police Priority is dedicated to protecting life and property by improving the distribution of real-time incident data between central monitoring stations, law enforcement and end users, the company reported in a press release. Police Priority’s mission is to increase collaboration among the monitoring industry and law enforcement in pursuit of a safer world. The proprietary product, CAST (Cooperative Alarm Sharing Transmission) fosters the partnership between the two parties through cloud-based technology, streamlining the law enforcement adoption process. 

Clayton Kemp, founder and CEO of Police Priority and veteran in the video monitoring industry, said, “Our primary objective is to deliver a trusted and reliable source of information to first responders.  SureView System’s market share and portfolio of integrations coupled with CAST will open the door for many security dealers and monitoring centers to enhance their communication protocols, threat level assessment strategies and false dispatch policies, which will drive greater value for all stakeholders. A united culture in conjunction with cooperative technologies between law enforcement and the electronic security industry will further enhance our ability to protect life and property.”

Immix integrates with more than 500 security and alert devices, allowing a central station to bring together different types of systems and managed devices into a single operator interface.