It was another ADI Expo in some southern city. I had given my presentation and was in the expo showroom sitting at a table and pounding on my laptop. I was interrupted by a fellow who handed me his card and told me I had to come by his booth to see his products. He then proceeded to hit every person at every table with the same pitch.

Now sometimes I get jaded about “new” products that come into our industry. After all, I’ve been in this industry for 40 years, written four books, and put on shows at the expos for the past 10 years. I know it all.

About an hour later I was walking around the show, saying hello to my friends at their booths. I noticed that the guy that gave me his card earlier was doing it again, hitting every person sitting at a table with his card and an invitation to see his stuff.

I thought to myself, “This guy is really old school, even though he’s younger than me.” Because of his hustle, I decided to check out his Mag Daddy ( booth, and saw some really cool stuff that can dramatically lower cabling costs in specific building types.

I cannot really explain the science but I can give you the overall view. Mag Daddy uses incredibly powerful neodymium magnets in their fastener devices. The same type of magnets were installed in the Voyager satellite that was launched 43 years ago and is still sending messages back to earth, so these magnetic fasteners will probably last longer that the buildings in which they are used. Mag Daddy produces a variety of wire holders and camera mounts that utilize these powerful magnets to provide immediate installation of J hooks, bridal rings and cameras onto metal surfaces such as I-beams.

Instead of spending hours and melting drill bits trying to bore holes into beams, just slap a Mag Daddy fastener onto the beam, hang the cable and move on down the line. The salesperson, Jeffrey Kintzler, was kind enough to give me a couple sample magnetic clamps that can be used with cable ties or without. I have stuck them onto the top of my file cabinet. At this point let me mention that I have been lifting weights regularly, trying to slow the aging process as I approach the time when Social Security kicks in. I’m not the strongest guy, but I will tell you that I cannot grab one of these Mag Daddy clamps with my fingers and pull it straight off the cabinet — the magnets are too strong.

For proper use these Mag Daddy clamps and holders should be placed such that they aren’t readily accessible, i.e., high up on overhead beams. What makes them attractive is that they can eliminate drilling steel beams and are UL listed. Specific devices are also listed for use in air plenums. The company also supplies a wire hanging tool that can eliminate the need for a ladder or lift for some jobs. Imagine the time saved if technicians don’t have to drag their ladder along as they are fastening cables in a large installation.

For those jobs where steel beams can be used to hold these powerful magnetic clamps, the savings in installation time can be enormous. Visit or your local distributor to see the variety of time-saving devices produced by this innovative company.

And for you salespeople out there, Mr. Kintzler demonstrated to me that some of the “old school” methods still work. He truly believes in his product and isn’t afraid to ask for the order. As our industry becomes increasingly technical, I think salespeople can get so spun up on the details (how many megapixels is that camera?) that they don’t demonstrate their faith and belief in their company and its systems. Clients are naturally distrustful of salespeople, but if you show that you really believe in your company, that you put in the best systems in the business, that attitude will increase your sales. Ask Mr. Kintzler.

The Traveling Circus
Some of us are lucky enough to have a family. I am truly blessed to have two — the girls at home and my “road family” of ADI Expo regulars. After doing these shows for 10 years, I have developed lasting friendships with my traveling buddies. As the 2017 Expo season ends I would like to thank the following in no particular order: Eileen “Expo Queen” Southard, Laura Mastroberti, James Letkovsky, Johnny Hudson, Alan Higgins, Gary Bullock, Loren Maldoon, Lyle Bunn, John “The Shocker” Callahan, Jana “Ms. Congeniality” Sherer, Miss Wendy and Mr. Paulo, David Motz, Keith Ebert, Sophia Cho, and the grandmaster himself Mr. Micheal Masten.