Following a successful pilot phase, Dallas-based Monitronics International’s electronic “eContract” application — designed to eliminate the hard-copy paperwork that is traditionally filled out for a new customer contract — is now available in production for its Authorized Dealer program.

Using eContract, salespeople can quickly complete an electronic version of each contract, in the customer’s home, on an iPad or Android tablet. eContract leads a salesperson through the required steps to fill out all paperwork. Once the customer has confirmed the information and acknowledged his or her understanding of it, the salesperson simply hits “submit.” A PDF copy is then sent instantly to the company and the customer.

“eContract is not only an efficient and professional sales tool for our dealers, it also promotes ‘go green’ initiatives by reducing hard-copy contracts,” says Bruce Mungiguerra, Monitronics’ vice president of operations. “It’s really a win-win for both our dealers and our customers.”

Ben Brookhart, chief executive officer at Power Home Technologies, says he is currently selling to more than 90 percent of his customers using the eContract technology.

Alliance, another leading Monitronics dealer, uses eContract to streamline their telemarketing operations.

“With over 60 technicians around the country, we are saving more than $4,000 per week in shipping charges sending paper contracts to a central location now that we are using the eContract application designed by Monitronics,” says Brian Fabiano, chief operating officer at Alliance. “It’s a very convenient and cost-effective alternative to shipping paper contracts to multiple locations. And we are excited to be helping the ‘go green’ initiative.”