Digital Watchdog (DW) announced the release of the latest build of DW Spectrum IPVMS. New version 3.0 takes a quantum leap forward in design and operability, delivering the most advanced capabilities while making the user interface (UI) simpler to master than ever, the company described. DW Spectrum v3.0 has been built on a new platform, which includes a completely revamped UI, with a cleaner and simpler user experience, dynamic playback functions including an adjustable video buffer and an embedded browser that makes it possible to use other security management tools within the DW Spectrum UI. DW Spectrum v3.0 introduces a beta version of the new DW Cloud service. DW Cloud offers a secure and convenient alternative to complex port forwarding and intricate network configurations. DW Cloud offers easy and secure access to an unlimited number of networks and configurations from a convenient Web page. Using DW Cloud, administrators can manage hundreds of thousands of users and sites from a secure interface — anywhere, anytime.
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