A quick tour around the recent ASIS show in Dallas found that many access control providers either already have, or were introducing cloud solutions for access control. Why? Cloud offers simplicity, efficiency and economic benefits to both end users and security integrators.

“On the whole the security industry is a justifiably conservative group when it comes to anything new,” says Steve Van Till, president and CEO, Brivo, Bethesda, Md. “But the industry has started to catch up lately and here’s why it matters for security organizations: Your new security system can be installed more quickly than under the traditional model. With no on-premise servers your integrator will require less time on-site and fewer resources from your IT staff. You should see lower up-front cost of installation.”

Cloud-based solutions give end users the ability to operate a system and get upgrades without having to worry about servers, IT connectivity and compatibility, says Mitchell Kane, president, Vanderbilt Industries, Parsipanny, N.J. “And this can all be done through a mobile app, making it easy to use, navigate and manage without building cost-prohibitive infrastructure. Cloud-based products are more widely accepted across the security industry, making this an ideal time for Vanderbilt ACT365 to make its debut in the North American market,” Kane says of the company’s latest offering.

Julie Beach, vice president of sales and marketing for Sonitrol, Orlando, Fla., agrees. “People are starting to become increasingly more comfortable with cloud-based solutions as they are using them more in their personal lives for things like music and photo storage and management. Just like with these solutions, cloud-based access control offers an affordable, low maintenance, user-friendly solution to solve for access control needs.” Sonitrol’s latest cloud access offering was released in July.

Citing IHS Markit, Derek Arcuri, access control product marketing manager for Montreal-based Genetec, says cloud-based access control systems are expected to grow 9.6 percent compared with on-premise system CAGR of 4.2 percent. Genetec just released its own cloud-based access control as a service offering, he says. “Cloud-based solutions are helping customers become more connected and efficient.”

On the dealer and integrator side, there are also benefits to offering cloud-based access control, most often in the form of increased recurring monthly revenue (RMR). 

“The cloud provides dealers with an easy way to offer interaction with access control systems along with other value-add services,” says Mike Simon, managing partner, Connected Technologies, Crystal Lake, Ill. “The cloud simplifies data and system configuration changes of in-house installed software. Cloud services, as we see it happening today, will continue to be the catalyst for dealers in growing their access control projects.”

Read on for some of the latest product offerings in the cloud access control space.


Vanderbilt ACT365 Access Control SDM

Cloud Access & Video Delivers Anywhere Control

Vanderbilt ACT365 is a cloud-based access control and video management platform that delivers control from anywhere, at any time and on any device. The ACT365 software allows live view and video playback, access control reports and alarms with video evidence, and real-time mustering to ensure the safety of employees during an emergency. Security managers will find the ACT365 product integral to their success — especially in a small- to a mid-size company where security management needs to be centralized in an easy-to-use interface that can be accessed remotely.
Visit www.vanderbiltindustries.com for more information.



Genetec Security Center Synergis SaaS SDM

New Access Control as a Service Offering is Turnkey Solution

Genetec Inc. introduced Security Center Synergis SaaS edition, a turnkey access control solution for easier deployment and maintenance. Synergis SaaS edition removes the need to purchase and install on-premises servers, and streamlines maintenance, allowing the corporate IT staff to focus on other business-critical projects. The new Synergis SaaS edition will give customers the flexibility to adjust their system usage as their needs change, reducing budget requirements for access control capital expenditures. Customers also will be able to quickly and efficiently deploy their access control system, and benefit from automated update notifications.
Visit www.genetec.com/solutions/all-products/synergis/synergis-saas-edition for more information.



AMAG Symmetry Connect

Cloud-Based Visitor Management Works with Access System

AMAG Technology introduced Symmetry CONNECT, a policy-based identity management platform. Symmetry CONNECT automates workflows to streamline key processes involved in managing the diverse identities across an organization. By implementing CONNECT, companies can improve their organization’s internal efficiencies, reduce operating costs and satisfy compliance requirements. Symmetry CONNECT is designed for new and existing Symmetry Access Control software users.
Visit www.amag.com for more information.



Brivo ACS300

2-Door Controller Features Built-In Bluetooth

The ACS300 is a modern two-door controller featuring a built-in Bluetooth mobile credential reader, optional Wi-Fi connectivity, and IT-friendly Power Over Ethernet. This new product operates on Brivo’s flagship cloud-based access control system, Brivo Onair. The Onair solution combines physical access control, video surveillance and mobile credentialing in a unified cloud-based security platform for more than 10 million users.
Visit www.brivo.com for more information.



Paxton BLU

Cloud-Access Can Be Managed Remotely

Paxton BLU is a simple cloud-based access control system that can be managed from anywhere via an Internet-connected PC, tablet or smartphone. Dealers can remotely manage their customer sites and secure significant recurring revenue from Paxton BLU installations. Paxton BLU can be configured without a local server. It also allows for thousands of users and is perfect for managing multiple locations across a site or even across the globe. The system is powered by Amazon Web Services, ensuring it is regularly backed up and guaranteeing all data is secure in the event the system goes offline. 
Visit www.paxton-access.com for more information.



Honeywell MAX-PRO

Cloud-Based Business Intelligence Integrates Access, Video Data

Honeywell’s advanced, cloud-based business intelligence platform, MAXPRO Cloud, integrates access and video data into a single user interface, enabling customers to achieve their business goals by leveraging their connected buildings as strategic assets. Designed for the unique needs of a small- to medium-sized customer, MAXPRO Cloud helps improve business performance, ensures more efficient safety and security, minimizes loss of inventory in retail environments, reduces IT infrastructure costs and streamlines operations by empowering business owners to make decisions in a flexible and scalable manner through real-time access, insight and reporting.
Visit www.Honeywell.com for more information.



Connected Technologies Connect One

Cloud-Hosted Access Offers Valuable Services & RMR

Connect ONE by Connected Technologies lets integrators offer attainable ROI to users while earning higher recurring monthly revenue from cloud-based access control systems that can be leveraged into new services beyond security like building management and control. Connect ONE, the cloud-hosted security management platform, leverages access control for additional functionality and reporting. Data from Connect ONE is seamlessly and automatically populated so users need to enter credential information only once.
Visit www.simplifywithconnectone.com for more information.



Keep Feenics ACaaS

New Integrators Enhance ACAAS Platform

Keep by Feenics access control as a service (ACaaS) platform unveiled its latest integrations and functionality. The latest updates to the enterprise-grade solution are: HTML5 Web browser; mobile app availability for both iOS and Android; Keep Visitor Management; integration with Allegion LE wireless locks; Integration to LifeSafety Power’s health-check monitoring of power supplies; video integration with Milestone Video Management System, version software; and integration with the OpenEye OWS video management system. Keep by Feenics is an on-premise or cloud-hosted, integrated access control and security management solution.
Visit www.feenics.com for more information.



Sonitrol Cloud Access

Scalable Interface Can Be Easily Managed

Sonitrol Cloud Access control uses a simple, intuitive, scalable, browser-based interface that can be conveniently managed from anywhere at any time.  Because the software is hosted in the cloud, users can easily view, monitor, and report on any events or alarms; define multiple security roles, and access privileges for individual users using a Web browser or mobile device. Users have the ability to choose credential options including traditional proximity cards, fobs, or mobile credentials. The Sonitrol Cloud Access solution utilizes an easy-to-install Power over Ethernet (PoE) single-door controller. This allows the solution to be simply installed by using the same type of hardware at every door and only requires one cable for power and connectivity.
Visit www.sonitrol.com for more information.



Cloud: One of 5 Forces Disrupting Security Webinar

Cloud: One of 5 Forces Disrupting Security

Want to hear more from Brivo founder Steve Van Till about cloud services? Tune in to “The Five Technological Forces Disrupting Security” in which Van Till explores Cloud, Social, Mobile, Big Data and IoT. This free webinar, now available on demand, explores the major technological forces that are currently disrupting the security industry and what is coming in the foreseeable future. The presentation provides both practical guidance on how to use the new technologies to deliver better solutions to customers and a perspective on how the industry is changing as a whole.
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