Viking’s K-1900-7-IP is a durable, attractive, and easy-to-use VoIP SIP hot line phone, capable of withstanding harsh conditions and abuse. The K-1900-7-IP calls a number when the handset is lifted. Once the call is answered two-way communication is established. If the first number is busy or doesn’t answer, up to four additional numbers can be dialed in a roll-over sequence. The K-1900-7-IP is PoE Class 1 powered, and VoIP SIP compliant. The built-in relay contacts of the K-1900-7-IP can be programmed to activate when the phone is taken off-hook, or when a touch tone command is entered by the called party. The K-1900-7-IP flush mounts to a standard double gang box, or can be surface mounted using Viking model VE-5X10 surface mount box, sold separately.

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