Michael S. Rogers, founder and CEO of Securityhunter Inc., retired as CEO effective December 31, 2017, and is expanding his role as full time chairman of the board of directors. In this role, he will remain closely involved in strategic and business development initiatives. 

As CEO and founder of Securityhunter, Rogers brought a depth of knowledge to integrating electronic security systems for federal agencies. Under his leadership, Securityhunter grew from a one-man burglar alarm company to being the 13th largest security integration company in the U.S. Securityhunter was ranked as the fastest growing company in Baltimore and the second fastest in the State of Maryland by Inc. Magazine in 2014. Securityhunter is also the second largest provider of federal security systems under GSA Schedule 84. 

When asked about retiring and his role as full time chairman of the board, Rogers said, “I have been very fortunate to have been able to grow this business from a $20,000 investment 30 years ago to where we are now — all without the help of an investment group. There’s no question that applying innovative military principles at Securityhunter has been one of the keys to our longevity.”

Rogers continued, “Dan Prochnow, our company president, has control of Securityhunter and our board of directors has confidence in his skills and wisdom. Now is the time for me to focus on business plans that can double our annual sales in the next few years.”