Micro Key Solutions and CHeKT are completed and successful deployed the integration between the Micro Key Solutions Monitoring platform and video monitoring from CHeKT. This seamless integration fully enables monitoring centers powered by Micro Key Solutions to leverage video verification from CHeKT with no additional software or equipment needed.

“CHeKT brings a new simplistic approach to providing video monitoring at the protected premise by the professional integrator,” said John Milliron, vice president, CHeKT. “The CHeKT Bridge pairs alarm panel zones and IP cameras or HD over coax recorders, presenting event and live-view video to CS operators in seconds.” 

When an alarm is triggered, Micro Key’s Millennium Monitoring software will receive that alarm, accompanied by live video footage of the event. The Millennium Monitoring platform will simply launch the CHeKT Monitoring portal automatically, requiring no extra steps to be taken by the operator. With CHeKT, operators can see what triggered the alarm and provide visual verification to the client or the dispatch authority.

“Honestly, this is monitored video like I've never seen in our industry,” said Chuck Speck, executive vice president, Micro Key Solutions. “It’s simple, powerful and includes features that are ‘what’s been missing’ in the delivery of verified video solutions. We’re very excited to be the first to have CHeKT integrated into our monitoring automation solution. We are thrilled to offer this revenue opportunity to our customers. I’m excited to see customers continuing to add CHeKT monitoring and grow their own presence in the verified space.” 

The use of CHeKT inside Micro Key Solutions Millennium Monitoring software provides an increased level of security to meet the demands of today’s markets, Micro Key Solutions reported.

For more information on video monitoring from CHeKT, visit CHeKT’s website. For information on the Micro Key Solutions Monitoring platform, visit www.microkey.com.