Micro Key Solutions has launched an all-new program called MKSynergy to serve as the ultimate ‘link’ to alarm dealers’ success. The program was created specifically for alarm dealers, allowing them to seamlessly connect their accounting and service solution with their monitoring center. 

“We designed MKSynergy to bridge the gap between uncooperative systems, and to seamlessly connect all of what is going on inside of your business with your central station,” said Micro Key Solutions President Victoria Ferro. “There are many black holes created by running multiple systems that aren’t linked such as duplicate data entry and costly errors . . . and this new technologically advanced solution has been created to solve all such problems.” 

Synergies enhance businesses by achieving a sum that is more valuable than its individual parts. MKSynergy connects an alarm dealer’s two most important business products. 

“The primary goal of our program is to achieve synergy to increase productivity and profitability for our valuable customers, and to increase the value of their company,” Ferro said. One program means entering data only once, saving time and money. 

For more information, visit www.microkey.com/dealer-solutions/mksynergy/.