Lorex’s NVRs drastically improve the sharpness and clarity of security footage. They can record a pixel ratio of 3840 × 2160. These NVRs can record 4K resolution at a real-time 30 fps rate. This ensures smooth on-screen movement that doesn’t miss a moment. Options include different recording modes, regional motion zones and privacy masking. They can be easily connected to Lorex’s remote viewing app for smartphones and tablets. This app can also send push notifications for motion events. Also, they are designed to require very little maintenance. For most customers, once the initial setup is complete, the NVR will hardly need to be touched. Basic operations can be accomplished through the app, there is no hard drive maintenance, as the NVR is programmed to automatically overwrite the oldest footage with the newest, and software updates will be automatically installed as long as the NVR is connected to the Internet.

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