Bold Technologies, a provider of alarm monitoring software, is pleased to announce it has completed a long-planned merger with Perennial Software, a provider of management software in the security industry. The companies will become one, with Bold bringing Perennial’s line of products, including SedonaOffice and AlarmBiller, under its umbrella.

To facilitate this merger, both Bold and Perennial have been acquired by EverCommerce, a multi-vertical service commerce platform. Perennial was acquired earlier this year in February, with Bold following on June 1.

Bold and Perennial’s key management personnel will remain under the new EverCommerce acquisition: Rod Coles, the CEO of Bold Technologies, will become president of the newly merged company. Laurie Salim, president of Perennial, is now the vice president of operations, and Matt Narowski, vice president of operations for Bold, is now the vice president of technology for the new company.

“This merger and acquisition was an ideal choice for Bold,” said Coles. “[Perennial Software founder] Michael Marks and I had a strong partnership, and we knew given the right conditions, a merger would be a fantastic outcome for our customers and staff. EverCommerce believed in our vision, enabling us to combine the resources of Bold Technologies and Perennial Software. The new company is going to be a formidable force within our industry.” He added, “With the resources and backing EverCommerce provides, Bold now has the flexibility and financial stability to continue our company growth and realize future plans. We have already begun initiatives to create stronger, more integrated solutions that will target the whole security industry, and are exceptionally pleased to be part of the EverCommerce family.”

Matt Feierstein, president and COO of EverCommerce, said, “We could not be more excited to bring these two companies into the EverCommerce family and support this strategic merger. I’m looking forward to working with the Bold and Perennial teams as they combine forces and build their long-term growth plans, providing even more value with their products and services to customers.”

Coles will share his vision for the new company along with immediate plans for the future at the 2018 Bold Users Conference taking place in Albuquerque, N.M., July 31 to August 2.